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Confused? Here’s our guide about what you can put in a skip..

The rules can be a bit tricky regarding what can and can’t be placed in skips, as some skip hire companies do differ in terms of what they accept, so it’s always best to check. However, here’s some general guidance which is pretty safe regarding different waste types.

General Mixed Waste

The vast majority of skips hired to the DIY market or builder are hired as skips for General Mixed Waste or Mixed Construction & Demolition Waste to give the industry recognised title. The following list outlines the waste types that are generally accepted under this waste category throughout the UK.   

Waste that can go into a General Mixed Waste skip.

Garden Waste
Household Waste
Scrap metals
Paper and cardboard
General dry wastes
Carpets/tiles (check quantity with service provider)

Here’s our top tip for skip hire

For those of you that are intending to hire a skip for soil, bricks, concrete or rubble only. We highly recommend that you limit the size of skip you hire to 6 yard3 due to the weight of this type of waste once the skip is filled, which can affect the skip vehicles lifting capacity to take it away.

If you ignore this advice and order a larger skip size without informing the skip provider, you may be charged for a wasted journey and asked to remove some of the waste before the skip vehicle will return, costing you more money and causing yourself much more work and inconvenience.

What can’t go in a General Mixed Waste skip?

The following waste streams should not be placed in a General Mixed Waste skip, as they are classified as hazardous, non-recyclable or unsuitable to be mixed with other waste types.

🗶 Aerosols & Gas Canisters
🗶 Tyres
🗶 Asbestos
🗶 Medical Waste
🗶 Batteries
🗶 Fluorescent Light Tubes
🗶 Fridges & Freezers
🗶 Oil or Fuel
🗶 Hazardous Waste
🗶 Paint or Liquids
🗶 Perishable Waste
🗶 Explosives
🗶 Toxic Materials
🗶 Televisions or Monitors
🗶 Plasterboard  
🗶 Mattresses (check with service provider)

By following the above guidance you should avoid any problems or unwanted additional charges for placing incorrect waste types into your General Mixed Waste skip.

Waste segregation could save you £££s

You’re probably already aware that by segregating out waste streams where it’s practical you could save £££s. If you are disposing of single waste streams such as metal only, wood only, plastics only, cardboard only, or soil, rubble and hard-core only, speak to your skip service provider and request a price comparison with a General Mixed Waste skip, as you may get a discount due to the fact that these single waste streams require less treatment and processing than mixed waste.

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