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Don’t choose a skip based on its price.

At Nationwide Services we find that many people tend to order their skips based on price but booking the wrong sized skip for the job simply based on cost has some pitfalls and could incur extra charges.

Ordering a skip that is too small for the amount of waste you have could end up with it being overloaded and unsafe to transport on the road. Ordering too large a skip could end up with you paying more money to transport and dispose of fresh air!

Skip sizing tips

It can be difficult for us to advise on the best skip size for all individual circumstances but we can offer a few handy tips that may help avoiding some of the common issues. One simple way of visualising the amount of waste is to consider the number of standard sized bin bags of waste you might have:

For small amounts of waste, around 25 bin bags worth, we would advise a 2 cu yd skip. These are suitable for small clear-outs and take up the least amount of space on a property.  It might also be worth considering a skip bag or van and man collection too in these circumstances and Nationwide Services can advise you on the most suitable option.

For bigger household jobs a 4 cu yd skip may be more suitable, holding around 45 bin bags worth of waste these are more suitable for bulky waste and can usually accommodate many of the more common jobs such as smaller alterations to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, smaller garden projects etc.

The ‘builders’ skip

The 8 cu yd “builders” skip is the most common size used and is popular for larger projects such as kitchen and bathroom strip outs or larger garden projects. Fitting the equivalent of around 75 bin bags full of waste these are quite a large skip and can take up the equivalent space of a hatchback car so space is a consideration.

Commercial size skip hire

Skips larger than 8 cu yd tend to be suitable for bigger commercial and industrial projects and range from 10 cu yd right up to 40 cu yd, these tend to be for more specialist or bespoke projects, which Nationwide Services can advise customers on an individual basis.

Skip size guide table

(cu yds)
Bin Bags
(# bags)
2 yard1.50m1.22m0.90m25+ Bags
4 yard1.80m1.22m0.96m45+ Bags
6 yard2.60m 1.52m1.22m65+ Bags
8 yard2.60m
1.75m1.22m80+ Bags
10 yard3.70m1.78m1.50m100+ Bags
12 yard4.10m1.80m1.68m120+ Bags
14 yard4.15m 1.75m 1.80m145+ Bags
16 yard4.30m1.75m2.00m170+ Bags
20 yard5.86m 2.38m 1.45m220 + Bags
25 yard5.86m2.38m1.75m275+ Bags
30 yard5.86m 2.38m 2.06m330+ Bags
35 yard5.86m 2.38m 2.36m370+ Bags

Skip dimensions and black bag capacity are for guidance only.

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