Grab Loader and Tipper Services

National Grab and Tipper Hire

Grab and tipper hire services from Nationwide Services provides a quick alternative solution for collection and onward disposal of large volumes of waste. Grab loaders have a 7m reach so all you need to do is stockpile your waste and we’ll arrange to load it and take it away with the minimum of fuss.

Grab loaders are commonly 8 wheeled vehicles with the capacity to load approximately 16 tonnes of waste. This service is ideal for the collection of inert soil, bricks, concrete, hardcore, muck or mixed general building waste.

There is no need to have an excavator on site to use this service, as the vehicle is fully operated and self-loading. Grab loaders can also be used to deliver exact quantities of aggregates before loading the waste material that you need taken away.

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8 wheel grab loader                                                     8 wheel tipper

Tipper Service

As a more cost effective option if you have loading plant on site, our Tipper services provide more capacity and better availability nationwide with quicker turnaround times on site when removing large quantities of soil or muck.

Most commonly available to hire in 6 or 8 wheel sizes depending upon your access and space on site, Tippers are also able to deliver aggregates before being loaded with waste for onward disposal and if you need to hire plant for loading, we can arrange this for you too.


Grab hire costs are dependent upon the size of vehicle you need, the type of waste you are disposing of and the collection location. Fixed load prices are available for uncontaminated loads of soil, hardcore and muck away or transport and tonnage for mixed waste.

An 8 wheel grab service has an approximate capacity of 13-15m3 or 15 tonnes. Tipper lorry’s carry up to 18 tonnes with 15m3 capacity.

Yes, depending on where your site location is, we may be able to supply 6 and 8 wheeled Grabs or 4, 6 and 8 wheeled tippers. Just contact our team and we’ll find the right solution for your site.

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